John Squire

Squire’s amazing playing kicked off the whole Headless Guitar Player thing over a decade ago. I had a conversation with someone in a pub after work where John’s skills & abilities on the guitar were under discussion. I mentioned in passing that I could play the likes of Love Spreads, Driving South etc. but no-one believed me. They knew I played guitar, but ‘not to that level‘. So someone bet me a tenner that if I was able to do that I would ‘stick it on YouTube‘…. and here we are.

“I don’t think I’m a very good guitar player, or a very good painter. I listen to my guitar playing, my songs, I look at my paintings, I tend to focus on the faults, things that I could’ve done slightly better”

John Squire

Videos (full lessons)

The Stone Roses – One Love

Videos (with animated tab)

The Stone Roses – Bye Bye Badman
The Stone Roses – Shoot You Down
The Stone Roses – Standing Here
The Stone Roses – Where Angels Play
The Stone Roses – Love Spreads
The Stone Roses – Somethings Burning
The Stone Roses – Waterfall
The Seahorses – Love Me & Leave Me

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