The Stone Roses – Love Spreads

‘Best comeback single ever’. I’ve transcribed based upon the way that John Squire played it live in 2016. You can see a good example here from Madison Square Garden. Guitar is in Open D tuning (D A D F# A D).


For the audio, I’m using my Tokai Les Paul copy into a DAW using the Amplitube plugin. I used an overdrive into a Marshall JCM-type head with 4×12 closed-back cab. I also added a touch of Tape-style delay

I assembled a backing track to play over. I used Session Drummer 3 with a loop. As per usual getting even slightly close to Reni’s playing is a tall order. Mani’s bass line is integral to this one also, a really groovin’ undercarriage.


Click the image below to view the tab on Ultimate Guitar:

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