The Stone Roses – Shoot You Down

Classic album track from the ’89 debut and deffo one of my favourites. I’ve transcribed based upon the way that John Squire played it live during that year. You can see a good example here from the big summer gig in Blackpool. John used a capo at the 3rd fret for this one.

I also wrote a blog post for this one.


For the audio, I’m using my Gibson ES330 into a DAW using the Overloud TH3 plugin. Main sound is clean-ish Tubescreamer into Blackface-type head with 4×10 cab. I also added a bit of Phaser.

I assembled a backing track to play over. I used Session Drummer 3 (brush kit) with a loop. It took me ages to program something even slightly close to Reni’s playing on this! Also Mani’s bass line is simple but class on this tune, of course. Fits perfectly with the drums.


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