The Smiths – What She Said

Live guitar version played over the drums and bass from the studio recording. I transcribed this from the guitar part played by Johnny Marr from a live performance at Apollo Theatre, Oxford, England (March 18, 1985). I opted to not use the live recording as the tempo moves around a fair bit, so it is difficult to synchronise the tab with my playing as a result.

Guitar is tuned standard, capo 2nd fret.


For the audio my signal chain is:

Orville by Gibson Les Paul Custom – Boss TU-3 – ABY pedal

  • Signal path A: Roland JC 22 – line out – Mooer Radar (2×12 cab sim)
  • Signal path B: Boss CE-2w – Ampli-Firebox (‘Clean Deluxe’)

In the mix, A is panned right, B left I also added some delay and a rack compresser in my DAW

Check out my page Marr Live 1985 – Chasing The Tone for an in depth description of how im recording the guitar for this video


Tab is available on Ultimate Guitar.

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