Here’s a quick tour through the guitars, amplifiers, pedals and strings/picks I’m using currently.

Also worth taking a look at the Marr Live 1985 – Chasing The Tone page if interested in the gear I’m using for recording within the Marr Live 1985 Project.


These are the main guitars I use for my videos. Not a huge collection, but can cover most bases for Squire & Marr (and lots of others).

Gibson ES330TD (Memphis Reissue)
Tokai Love Rock
1980 Rickenbacker 620/12
Fender 1964 Telecaster AVRI
Rickenbacker 330
Gretsch G5125


For recording/rehearsing I’m currently using a dual amp setup via an ABY switch.

Fender Princeton Reverb ’68 Custom Re-issue
Roland Jazz Chorus-22

The Roland acts as the ‘wet’ amplifier – with its built-in chorus, reverb & delay in its effects loop.

The sweet spot on the Princeton is volume around 4 or 5 using input 2. Usually I set Treble at 7, Bass at 6, but it also depends on the guitar I’m using.

For quieter recording, I’ll run the line out of the Jazz Chorus to a Mooer Radar cabinet sim into one channel of my DAW (Cakewalk) and then subsitute the Princeton with an Amplifire-box pedal into another. This simulates two mic’d amps into a desk.

If mic’ing the amps I’ll use Shure SM 57 or the budget Behringer B906 (a copy of the Sennheiser e906) on each, plus condenser(s) for the room.


I don’t use a large number of pedals, but the ones below are staples.

I’ll use the Boss CE-2w if I am just using a single amp other than the Roland and need a great CE-1 or CE-2 sound.

I use the JB Nano mainly when playing at lower volumes with all my guitars – I like how it feels under the fingers when the amps/speakers aren’t working hard. I always use it with my Rickenbacker 12-string though for that Byrds/McGuinn sound.

The PlexiTone for when I want that Marshall-y overdriven sound. It actually has a lot more drive than a typical Plexi amplifier.

The Flashback is a great little delay pedal with lots of options – tape, digital, bucket brigade-type.

Boss CE2-w
Carl Martin PlexiTone
JB Nano Compressor
TC Electronic Flashback

Strings & Picks

These days I’m trying out different strings on my guitars.

Gibson ES 330TDD’Addario Jazz Light 11-50 (Flatwound)
Fender TelecasterD’Addario Nickel Wound 10-46
Tokai Love RockD’Addario Nickel Wound 10-46
Rickenbacker 620/12Rickysounds Compressed Roundwounds 12 String Set. 10-42
Rickenbacker 330Rickysounds Compressed Roundwounds 6 String Set. 10-42
Gretsch G5125D’Addario Nickel Wound 11-49

For picks it’s either Dunlop Tortex .88, Fender Mediums or Ernie Ball .73.

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