R.E.M. – Life And How To Live It

Frenetic track from R.E.M’s third album ‘Fables Of The Reconstruction/Reconstruction Of The Fables’ released in June 1985.

Unsually for Peter Buck, the guitar is tuned to Open G:



For the audio I’m using my Fender Telecaster AVRI into a DAW via the Amplitube 4 plugin. I’ve opted for an approximation of the live rig used by Peter Buck in ’85 so am using a Fender Twin & Mesa Boogie Mk III. Although well known for his use of Rickenbacker’s, Buck would often play this live on a 70’s Tele Custom or Thinline, which is kind of fitting given the nod to Keef/Stones in parts of the song.

I also put together a backing track; Mike Mills’ contribution adds a lot of melody and really drives the song.


Click the image below to access the tab on Ultimate Guitar.

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