R.E.M. – 9 – 9

Track number 9 (appropriately) from R.E.M’s debut album ‘Murmur’ released in June 1983.

The guitar is in standard tuning with the exception of the high E string which is tuned down a whole step to D. Peter Buck used this tuning for ‘Gardening At Night’ and also ‘Windout’. As a result the band would often play these three songs in a row during their live dates touring the album. I’ve approached this one largely based upon the way it was played live.

Tuning is



For the audio I’m using my Fender Telecaster AVRI into a DAW via the Amplitube 4 plugin. I’ve opted for an approximation of the live rig used by Peter Buck in the mid-80’s so am using a Fender Twin & Mesa Boogie Mk III with some slight chorus and delay.

I also put together a backing track; Both Bill Berry & Mike Mills’ contribution are (obviously) essential to this song.


Click the image below to access the tab on Ultimate Guitar. It includes Mike Mills’ bass parts.

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