Neil Young – When You Dance I Can Really Love

Released as a single (in the U.S.) in 1971, ‘When You Dance I Can Really Love’ is more widely known as the ninth track on ‘After The Goldrush’, Neil Young’s third studio album. It features Crazy Horse, with Danny Whitten on guitar.

I’ve transcribed both Neil Young’s (the upper tab line) and Danny Whitten’s parts. The playing on the track is pretty loose on the studio version (it speeds up a fair bit), and live it is never really played the same way twice, so I’ve opted for an approximate take and tried to inject the right vibe to the playing.

Both guitars are tuned to ‘double dropped D’ – you need to tune both E strings down a whole tone:



For the audio, I’m using my Gretsch G5125 & ‘Old Wine’ Les Paul copy (which is fitted with a Firebird pickup in the bridge, P90 in the neck and Bigsby, as a tribute to Neil’s ‘Old Black’ LP Goldtop) into a DAW via the Amplitube 4 plugin. Ampwise, for both guitars it’s a rig that combines a tweed Deluxe and Bassman, with external reverb tank.


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