The Smiths – Wonderful Woman

Originally released as a B-side on the 12″ single of This Charming Man, this tune is less widely known largely because it doesn’t feature on any of the prominent band compilations. It’s simpler arrangement and slower pace make it a relatively easier one to learn if you are trying to cop some of the Johnny Marr style/techniques from this era.

I’ve transcribed an abridged (minus a repeated verse & chorus) version based upon the way that Marr played this song live in 1983. You can see an example from a bootleg of an early Hacienda gig. You might notice in videos from this period that he doesnt use a capo – thats because he usually tuned his guitars up a whole tone.


For the audio, I’m using my Gibson ES330 into a DAW using the Amplitube plugin. As usual I aimed for something approximating his rig from this period and so opted for a Fender Twin & Roland JC120

I assembled a backing track to play over. I used Session Drummer 3 with a loop for the drums and played the Andy Rourke bass parts.


Click the image below to view the tab on Ultimate Guitar.

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