The Smiths – Nowhere Fast (Live 1985)

All the guitar parts in this song transcribed from a gig at Apollo Theatre, Oxford, England (March 18, 1985), broadcast by the BBC. You can listen to the performance here.


I’m playing an Orville (by Gibson) Les Paul Custom, from the early 1990’s. Made for Gibson in Japan, these are really good guitars that have the sound, appointments and mojo of an actual 70’s Custom without the associated price tag.

On the 1985 tour dates, Johnny Marr used a 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom extensively. There is lots of good footage of him playing one at the Madrid gig from that year. It had a few mods to it including a changed bridge and a mysterious toggle switch.

For the rest of the signal chain, I’m using the same setup as for my The Smiths – William, It Was Really Nothing (Live 1985) with the exception of the TC Flashback. For this video I’m adding a very small amout of delay on the guitar channel within my DAW.


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