The Smiths – Handsome Devil

A very early Smiths song, from 1982. A live version was included as the B-side of the debut ‘Hand In Glove’ single. Interesting factoid – the only official releases of this tune have either been live or John Peel session recordings.

I’ve transcribed based upon the way that Marr played this song in 1983/84. You can see an example from the Rockpalast TV show. You might notice in videos from this period that he doesnt use a capo – thats because he usually tuned his guitars up a whole tone.


For the audio, it’s my Gibson ES330 re-issue into a DAW via the Amplitube 4 plugin, using Fender Twin & JC120 simulations.

I also assembled a basic backing track and included Andy Rourke’s bass parts. It moves along at a fair old pace (192bpm).


Click the image below to view the tab on Ultimate Guitar.

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