The Stone Roses – Waterfall

Magnificent ‘Roses tune from their eponymous debut album. For me, the album is a timeless record that lives in its own space and I can never seem to get tired of listening to this track.

I’ve transcribed based upon the way that John Squire played it in the ‘Made of Stone’ rehearsal clip (at some unspecfied location in Warrington).

I also assembled a backing track; I played Mani’s bass part and programmed Reni’s amazing rhythmic feel as best I could.


For the audio, I’m using my Gibson ES330TD into a DAW using the Overloud TH3 plugin. For the reunion gigs John used Mesa Boogie amps, but I’ve opted for something more akin to his late ’80’s sound.

Tubescreamer into a Boss-type Chorus with some added compression, plus delay & reverb. Amp is AC30-type with Fender Twin 12×2 cab. This combination I think gets a good mix of the Boogie-ish sound with his ’80’s Fender Twin setup.


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