The Stone Roses – Standing Here

B-side of the ‘She Bangs The Drums’ single from 1989. I’ve transcribed based upon the way that John Squire played it live during the ‘reunion’ gigs in 2012/13. You can see an example here.

John used a capo at the 2nd fret live, although I believe the original recording is in E, so it’s just moved up a whole tone.


For the audio, I’m using my Tokai Les Paul copy into a DAW using the Overloud TH3 plugin. Main sound is Tubescreamer into a Marshall JTM45-type amp with 4×12 cab. Fuzz face also used for the intro and ‘solo’.

I also assembled a basic backing track to play over. Mani has some great lines on this tune too. I used this video to learn them.


Click the image below to view the tab on Ultimate Guitar.

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