The Cult – Ressurection Joe

Ressurection Joe (sic) was released in late 1984. It was a standalone single and not featured on any studio album by The Cult.

I’ve transcribed this tune based upon the band performance on the UK ‘Whistle Test’ TV programme. You can watch this here. Billy Duffy makes excellent use of his Bigsby vibrato on this number.


For the audio, it’s my Gretsch G5125 into a DAW via the Amplitube 4 plugin, using Mesa Boogie Mk III & Roland JC120 simulations.

Billy Duffy used a Boogie Mk II at this point and you can see it behind him in the Whistle Test clip. The JC120 is a mainstay of his rig, from starting out up to the present day.

I also put together a backing track. The rhythm section are really key to this tune with Jamie Stewart’s bassline featured strongly both live and on record. There are also two sections in the song where the meter changes from 4/4 to 5/4 which are really effective.


I’ll add a link here once approved on Ultimate Guitar.

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