R.E.M. – 7 Riffs Of Reckoning

During the mid-1980's, I would while away countless hours attempting to learn the guitar parts that weave through the ten tracks on Reckoning, the sophomore album from R.E.M. I became a fan of the band via this record (or more accurately, after seeing them perform 'Pretty Persuasion' on a T.V. show) and discovered their first... Continue Reading →

Influences: I.R.S. R.E.M.

Picture if you can. Mid-1980's Britain, on a cold November evening, a recent 16-year old convert to 'alternative music' (the author) sits down expectantly in front of the TV to watch 'Whistle Test' on BBC2. Obviously, (it is the 80's after all) my fingers are also poised over the play and record buttons of a... Continue Reading →

The Stone Roses – Love Spreads

The 'greatest comeback single of all time', according to Bobby Gillespie. He's probably right. It was released in December 1994, and given nothing new had been heard from the band since 1990, expectations were massive at the time. Apparently, the lyrics, written by John Squire, were inspired by the book 'Woman's History of the World'... Continue Reading →

The Stone Roses – Shoot You Down

Variously described as a 'Chill-out groover' and 'jazzy' (?) this track was instantly one of my favourites back when I first heard it in early-summer '89. This was during a car journey along the M62 to Stockport (to attend someones 21st birthday party). Someone had given me a cassette of the album the week before... Continue Reading →

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